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Kelsie Gray


Massage Therapy



Kelsie began her education in holistic practices in 2014 when studying dietetics with an emphasis and minor in holistic health at San Francisco State University. As a practicing yoga instructor at the time, Eastern health practices both intrigued and inspired her and her classes at San Francisco State inspired her to pursue Easter Holistic practices completely.

She then transferred to Maharishi University of Management where she studied Ayurveda and Integrative Health and completed her Bachelor’s degree. While in school, she worked for a local Ayurveda Clinic preparing health foods for Panchakarma patients and preparing herbal medicines. She then decided to enroll in a massage program at Cypress Health Institute so that she could participate in the bodywork aspect of Panchakarma practice and be allowed to provide physical assessments for Ayurveda patients.

Kelsie is now a practicing Massage therapist licensed in both Colorado and California and is passionate about providing purposeful, healing, and comprehensive care to her clients. She is also currently a nursing student pursuing her dream to become a Midwife where she can support women in the beautiful process of pregnancy through her broad and holistic perspective. When not studying and providing massage therapy Kelsie also loves to spend time in the outdoors with her two golden retrievers, read books, bake bread, and spend time with loved ones.