The Body Bar is a family-owned Acupuncture and Massage Center serving the health and wellness needs of Boulder County and beyond.




Emilia is a passionate massage therapist motivated to bring greater balance to every body she works with. Through her studies of thai massage in northern Thailand, her graduation from Denver Integrative Massage School, and her studies of yoga in India, she is equipped to offer complete body, mind, and energetic rejuvenation.

She combines Eastern and Western techniques with stretching and acupressure points, moving energy through the meridians. She takes an integrative approach, blending many different techniques to get whatever result that your body is asking for that day. Any given session could include myofascial release, hot stones, cupping, gua-sha, warm bamboo, thai massage, deep tissue, swedish, and trigger point therapy. You may request any concentration of modalities listed, or a session of traditional thai massage. For this, you would remain in clothing you can be comfortably stretched in, on a floor mat.

Her fascination with the body’s innate ability to heal itself has led her to travel all over Asia, studying traditional practices of holistic healing. Herbalism, ayurveda, yoga, emotion regulation, and devotion to self care are the pillars that support her own vibrancy, and are weaved into the care she gives to others.

Emilia’s understanding of how the body holds on to stress, trauma, and stagnant emotions started with her own healing journey. This has led her to be deeply empathetic with every person she works with, and inspired to have her own story bring greater ease to those of others.

Her beliefs are that the body is wise, it has all it needs to be whole, suffering is not necessary, and we are all here to support each other. It’s true, you’re not broken.

Compassion, true listening, and genuine care are practices she brings into every session.