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Injection Therapy


L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.Ac

Prior to attending acupuncture school, Catherine worked as a chiropractic assistant and then as a veterinary technician at the Belmont racetrack treating racehorses using electric stimulation and ultrasound. She also trained and rode horses. In addition to her acupuncture studies, Catherine completed Yoga teacher training through CorePower Yoga in Boulder, and completed her Reiki master training as well. She has undergone extensive training with Dr. John Brimhall, including training in color therapy, emotional release, kinesiology, percussor techniques, cold level laser therapy, diet, nutrition, detoxification, exercise and stress management. Catherine also trained in equine and animal massage as well as acupressure. As an undergraduate Biology major at Northeastern University, she completed coursework in several Western medical classes including nutrition, psychology, pharmacology, pathology, and western medical terminology. Catherine has always felt a strong connection with nature and considers herself blessed to be able to work with both nature and people hand in hand.